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Chalhoub Group is hiring in Bahrain
Chalhoub Group is hiring in Bahrain with salary 70,000 USD


For over six decades, Chalhoub Group has been a partner and creator of luxury experiences in the Middle East. The Group, in its endeavour to excel as a hybrid retailer, has reinforced its distribution and marketing services with a portfolio of eight owned brands and over 300 international brands in the luxury, beauty, fashion, and art de vivre categories. More recently, the Group expanded its expertise into new categories of luxury watches, jewellery, and eyewear.


Chalhoub Group vacancies

1-  Perfumes Consultant II

2- Shop Supervisor – L’Occitane

3- Assistant Store Manager – David Clulow (Luxury Eyewear)

4- Private Client Executive – Chalhoub Group

5- Demand Planner

6- Beauty Promoter

7- Skincare Expert – Style Fifth Avenue Bahrain

8- Fashion Consultant – Tory Burch

9- Sales Associate – David Clulow (Luxury Eyewear)

10- Store Supervisor – FACES

11- Fashion Consultant – LOEWE Marassi Galleria Bahrain

12- Beauty Consultant

13- Client Advisor – (Jewelry Expert)

14- Store Manager – David Clulow ( Luxury Eyewear )

15- Skin Care Consultant – CLARINS

16- Beauty Consultant – L’Oreal

17- Beauty Consultant – SAKS

18- Optometrist – David Clulow (Luxury Eyewear)

19- Beauty Expert – Hermès

20- Beauty Consultant – SAKS Beauty

21- Beauty Consultant – SAKS Beauty

22- Beauty Consultant II – SAKS Beauty

23- Beauty Consultant – FACES

24- Make-Up Artist – Bahrain

25- Beauty Consultant – FACES



Chalhoub Group salaries

According to PayScale, the average salary for a software engineer at Chalhoub Group in Bahrain is around USD 70,000 per year. This includes a base salary of around USD 55,000 and bonus payments of around USD 15,000. The salary range for other positions at Chalhoub Group is as follows:

  • Product Manager: USD 85,000-105,000 per year
  • Data Scientist: USD 70,000-85,000 per year
  • Sales Representative: USD 55,000-70,000 per year

These salaries are in line with the average salaries for these positions in Bahrain. The cost of living in Bahrain is also relatively high, so these salaries are necessary to attract and retain top talent.

It is important to note that these are just average salaries. The actual salary that you receive will depend on your individual skills and experience. If you are a highly skilled engineer with a lot of experience, you could expect to earn a salary that is higher than the average. On the other hand, if you are a recent graduate with little experience, you could expect to earn a salary that is lower than the average.



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