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Luxoft is hiring new vacancies in Poland
Luxoft is hiring new vacancies in Poland with salary 15,000 PLN



Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company (NYSE: DXC), is a digital strategy and software engineering firm providing bespoke technology solutions that drive business change for customers the world over. Acquired by U.S. company DXC Technology in 2019, Luxoft is a global operation in 44 cities and 21 countries with an international, agile workforce of nearly 18,000 people. It combines a unique blend of engineering excellence and deep industry expertise, helping over 425 global clients innovate in the areas of automotive, financial services, travel and hospitality, healthcare, life sciences, media and telecommunications.
DXC Technology is a leading Fortune 500 IT services company which helps global companies run their mission critical systems. Together, DXC and Luxoft offer a differentiated customer-value proposition for digital transformation by combining Luxoft’s front-end digital capabilities with DXC’s expertise in IT modernization and integration. Follow our profile for regular updates and insights into technology and business needs.


Luxoft vacancies

1- Cyber Threat Researcher

2- Power BI Developer, Remote Poland

3- Senior SAS Developer

4- Cyber Threat Researcher

5- Cyber Threat Researcher

6- Project Manager&Test Lead

7- Power BI Developer

8- Cyber Threat Researcher, Krakow

9- Cyber Threat Researcher

10- Test Lead/Manager, Remote Poland

11- Test Lead/Manager

12- Senior Data Engineer, Remote Poland

13- Cyber Threat Researcher

14- Cyber Threat Researcher (3-5 years combined of experience in cyber threat intelligence required)

15- Senior SAS Developer, Remote Poland

16- Drilling SME/Quality Assurance

17- Regulatory SME

18- Regulatory SME (Project Manager/Analyst/Tester/Developer)

19- Power BI Developer

20- Drilling SME/Quality Assurance

21- Cyber Threat Researcher

22- SAS Developer

23- Power BI Developer

24- Senior Data Engineer, Remote Poland

25- Power BI Developer


Luxoft salaries

The salary range for employees at Luxoft in Poland varies depending on the position and experience level. However, the average salary for a software engineer at Luxoft is around 11,500 PLN per month. This includes a base salary of around 9,500 PLN and bonus payments of around 2,000 PLN. The salary range for other positions at Luxoft is as follows:

  • Product Manager: 13,000-15,000 PLN per month
  • Data Scientist: 11,500-13,000 PLN per month
  • Sales Representative: 9,500-11,500 PLN per month

These salaries are in line with the average salaries for these positions in Poland. The cost of living in Poland is also relatively low, so these salaries are sufficient to attract and retain top talent.

It is important to note that these are just average salaries. The actual salary that you receive will depend on your individual skills and experience. If you are a highly skilled engineer with a lot of experience, you could expect to earn a salary that is higher than the average. On the other hand, if you are a recent graduate with little experience, you could expect to earn a salary that is lower than the average.


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