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PENNY International in germany hiring
PENNY International in germany hiring the salary can range up to €75,000
With our local colleagues we strive every day to simplify the shopping experience of our customers and excite them with regional products to reasonable prices in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy & Romania. As a business entity of the REWE Group, we represent PENNY International with about 100 employees in Cologne.



what vacancies we are hiring:

1- Mitarbeiter verzehrfertige Lebensmittel / Convenience (m/w/d)

2- Mitarbeiter verzehrfertige Lebensmittel Convenience (m/w/d)

3- Bereichsleiter / Abteilungsleiter Frischetheke (m/w/d)

4- Disponent Transport Logistik (m/w/d)

5- Marktmanager Assistent / Stellvertretender Filialleiter (m/w/d)

6- Bereichsleiter / Abteilungsleiter Frischetheke Metzgerei (m/w/d)

7- Bereichsleiter / Abteilungsleiter Frischetheke Metzgerei (m/w/d)

8- Verkäufer Frischetheke Fisch (m/w/d)

9- Verkäufer Getränke (m/w/d)

10- Abteilungsleiter Floristik (m/w/d)

11- Verkäufer Post / Lotto (m/w/d)

12- Aushilfe (m/w/d)

13- Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w/d) – Teilzeit

14- Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w/d) – Teilzeit

15- Studentische Hilfskraft (m/w/d) – Teilzeit

16- Verkäufer Getränke Teilzeit Saison (m/w/d)

17- Verkäufer/Kassierer (m/w/d)

18- Verkäufer Getränke Teilzeit (m/w/d)

19- Marktmanager Assistent / Stellvertretender Filialleiter (m/w/d)

20- Marktmanager Assistent / Stellvertretender Filialleiter (m/w/d)

21- Marktmanager Assistent / Stellvertretender Filialleiter (m/w/d)

22- Verkäufer/Kassierer mit Vertretungsfunktion (m/w/d)

23- Verkäufer (m/w/d)

24- Abteilungsleiter Getränke (m/w/d)


what are salaries of PENNY International (REWE Group) company in Germany ?


The salaries at PENNY International (REWE Group) company in Germany depend on the position and experience level. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Retail Manager at PENNY International (REWE Group) in Germany is €55,000 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The salary range for Retail Managers at PENNY International (REWE Group) in Germany is €45,000 to €75,000 per year. The starting salary for a Retail Manager with no experience is typically around €45,000. With more experience, the salary can range up to €75,000 or more.

Other positions at PENNY International (REWE Group) with salaries include:

Store Manager: €65,000 per year
Assistant Store Manager: €50,000 per year
Cashier: €35,000 per year
Stocker: €30,000 per year
Sales Associate: €25,000 per year
These salaries are just estimates and may vary depending on the specific position, experience level, and location.

Here are some factors that can affect the salary of a Retail Manager at PENNY International (REWE Group) in Germany:

Experience level: The more experience you have, the higher your salary will be.
Location: The salary for a Retail Manager can vary depending on the location. For example, Retail Managers in Berlin typically earn more than Retail Managers in other parts of Germany.
Specialization: If you specialize in a particular area, such as managing a large store, you can command a higher salary.
Performance: Your performance as a Retail Manager can also affect your salary. If you consistently meet or exceed your goals, you may be eligible for a raise.


How To Apply

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