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Tillotts Pharma AG in Switzerland hiring
Tillotts Pharma AG in Switzerland hiring with salary 170,000 to 300,000 CHF


Tillotts Pharma AG (“Tillotts”), part of the Japanese Zeria Group, is a fast-growing specialty pharma company with over 300 employees in Switzerland and abroad. Tillotts is dedicated to the development, in/out-licensing and commercialisation of innovative pharmaceutical products for the digestive system. Tillotts successfully markets its own products for the treatment of IBD as well as in-licensed products, in over 65 countries through its affiliates within Europe and a network of gastroenterology-focused partners throughout the world.



what vacancies we are hiring:

1- Laborant/in Analytische Entwicklung

2- Senior HR Manager (80-100%)

3- Senior Legal Counsel (TechOps/IT)

4- Senior Manager IT Applications



what are salaries of Tillotts Pharma AG company in Switzerland?


According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a General Counsel at Tillotts Pharma AG in Switzerland is CHF 225,485 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The salary range for General Counsels at Tillotts Pharma AG is CHF 170,000 to CHF 300,000 per year. The starting salary for a General Counsel with no experience is typically around CHF 170,000. With more experience, the salary can range up to CHF 300,000 or more.


Other positions at Tillotts Pharma AG with salaries include:

Head of Marketing: CHF 140,000 per year
Head of Sales: CHF 150,000 per year
Director of IT: CHF 180,000 per year
Senior Scientist: CHF 120,000 per year
Clinical Research Associate: CHF 80,000 per year
These salaries are just estimates and may vary depending on the specific position, experience level, and location.


Here are some factors that can affect the salary of a General Counsel at Tillotts Pharma AG:

Experience level: The more experience you have, the higher your salary will be.
Location: The salary for a General Counsel can vary depending on the location. For example, General Counsels in Zurich typically earn more than General Counsels in other parts of Switzerland.
Specialization: If you specialize in a particular area, such as pharmaceutical law, you can command a higher salary.
Performance: Your performance as a General Counsel can also affect your salary. If you consistently meet or exceed your goals, you may be eligible for a raise.


How To Apply

you can read condition and other jobs details here


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